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This problems needs to be resolved through development of a road system that would tackle challenges imposed by the population. Auckland Transport manages road projects in the city. One of the projects in Auckland city that is underway by Auckland Transport (AT) is the upgrade of Dominion Road project. AT inherited this project from the Auckland city council, which had earlier undertaken public consultation for a proposed upgrade to Dominion Road. Key concerns from the earlier consultation undertaken by the Auckland City Council included loss of on-street parking, and concerns that use of bus lanes by other vehicles would create four-lane highway. AT in its design includes the concerns raised and has engaged both the public, including the potentially affected residents, and other key stakeholders from the government and the private sector. AT has opened a feedback process in which views about the improvement of Dominion road are collected to be examined and possibly to be approved and included in the final design.
Upgrading the dominion road will bring…
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