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Chapter two ANSWERS TO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Suppose you are a manager being asked to develop e-business and e-commerce applications to gain a competitive advantage in an important market for your company. What reservations might you have about doing so? Why? As a manager you are responsible to be aware of these emerging technologies and new ways of conducting business in the new economy. Of course, if the manager is familiar with the concepts of developing an e-business or e-commerce application they certainly will have personal reservations in what to do. If the manager is not familiar with the tools involved in information technology, or how to effectively use these tools the task may seen quite daunting. However, the…show more content…
6. How can information technology help a business form strategic alliances with its customers, suppliers, and others? Information technology can help a business form strategic alliances with its customers, suppliers, competitors, consultants, and other companies (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and virtual companies). These new business linkages and alliances help firms to communicate, collaborate, and share information in ways that were never possible. By establishing strategic alliances, organizations are able to provide better quality products and services to their customers in a more efficient manner, responsive, and flexible manner. 7. How could a business use the Internet technologies to form a virtual company, or become an agile competitor? Agile companies depend heavily on information technology to: 1. Enrich its customers with customized solutions to their needs. 2. Cooperate with other businesses to bring products to market as rapidly and cost-efficiently as possible. 3. Combine the flexible, multiple organizational structures it uses. 4. Leverage the competitive impact of its people and information resources. Virtual Company 5. A virtual company is an organization that uses information technology to link people, assets, and ideas. • The Internet, intranets, and extranets interlink most virtual companies. 6. Virtual companies
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