Fahrenheit 451 And Red Scarf Girl

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Have you ever been a victim of bullying or belittled by your peers? Have you ever seen, read or experienced an over authoritative government? Have you seen at first hand what the communist resolution was doing to it’s people? Fahrenheit 451 and Red Scarf Girl illustrate how their government’s constrained the lives of everyday people. Fahrenheit 451 is an intricate fictional book written by Ray Bradbury. The stories narrative revolves around the journey of a Firemen named Guy Montag. In this futuristic book, the government outlawed books and have Firemen like Guy burn them for a living. Red scarf girl is a memoir about a young girl named Ji-li Jiang during China’s cultural resolution. During this time, Ji-li was humiliated, bullied and witnessed people very close to her heart, suffered horrible atrocities. Both book’s share a fascinating story, where socialist governments inflict such grief and lack of freedom upon the people. In some ways, I can infer similarities of both these phenomenal-books within certain aspects of my own life. As well as, to the current social and governmental trends of the world and most of all I can relate both books together! Primarily, Fahrenheit 451 and Red scarf girl can relate to some of my experiences. I also, identified with certain characteristics of my personality within both books. In particular, Clarisse McClellan, in Fahrenheit 451 was very easy to identify with. She is a very distinct character and her personality

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