Fahrenheit 451 And The Allegory Of The Cave By Ray Bradbury

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Ardon, Samantha Professor Moore ENG 101 #34285 9 October 2017 Lies Hidden in Truth Most people do not walk to a bookshelf and read a book in a one sitting anymore. Has the current world become similar to the society in Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury? Fahrenheit 451 is set in a future idea of the world, where books are forbidden. Firefighters have a different type of job in this world; instead of putting out fires, they start them. One of the firefighters, Guy Montag, is not as interested in his job, he becomes interested in books. At a point in the story he is hunted down by the government and is chased to railroad tracks. At the tracks he meets rebels that are constantly memorizing books and philosophies, in order to repeat them…show more content…
Furthermore, knowledge versus ignorance plays a role in Fahrenheit 451. The reason behind it is there is so much importance in technology than literature itself, society ignores the word. Most children grow up engaged in the TV, rather than reading and developing their minds efficiently. Bradbury expands on this topic by Guy Montag stating “School is shortened, discipline relaxed, philosophies, histories, languages dropped, English and spelling gradually, gradually neglected” (53). Bradbury is trying to explain how children will grow up with a smaller English vocabulary and a lack of word choice without literature. David T Wright, an American writer, has his own thoughts on knowledge versus ignorance. Wright touches on this topic by saying that without reading, most of Montag’s society will lack mental exercise for the brain to retain information; resulting in memory loss (104). Continuing with Wright’s thoughts, he claims that not only do people completely forget that firemen are supposed to put out fires, but also neither Guy nor Mildred remember how they met (104). Rodney Smolla had a similar view, he stated “Bradbury seems to be insisting that while it may be possible to incinerate a book, killing the book will not kill its ideas” (110). Expanding of Smolla’s thought, getting rid of books will not change the words and its purpose will

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