Fahrenheit 451 By Francois Truffaut

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Fahrenheit 451 Analysis François Truffaut’s 1966 science fiction film, Fahrenheit 451, encapsulates a dystopian society that controls its inhabitants. This film is based off of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel of the same title.Truffaut took the novel and created a full length film to tell the story. The use of future is a common characteristic of science fiction movies, yet this particular film uses future to relay its message, not just as the setting. The technical aspects, effects and setting work together to create a setting that can hold the message and theme of the film. Fahrenheit 451 takes a science fiction novel and develops it into a visual art form that effectively delivers its point. This film contains a variety of themes that aid…show more content…
Lastly, the theme or idea of technology is prevalent throughout the film. The most notable way is through the control the technology and media in the society has on its citizens. They are conditioned to live life through technology, rely on it for their well being, news source and entertainment. It essentially takes away their need to think. The large screen televisions in the film an essential to everyone and is almost a parallel into the society of today. All in all, the themes in the film. The concepts of science and technology are in nearly every science fiction film and Fahrenheit 451 is no exception. Scientific discoveries and progress is always expanding and an interesting scene that exhibits this is the one where Montag’s wife overdoses on too many pills. Montag phones the hospital and the sent ambulance men quickly revive Linda from her state using a blood pump. This pump removes Linda’s blood and replaces it with someone else’s fresh blood. The men state “we have about 50 of these cases a day”, showing that overdoses and blood pumps are nothing to them and that this medicine is routine. There is nothing as easily accessible and fast to revive and save lives like the science in this film, in current society. However, there is a procedure called an exchange transfusion. This procedure takes one’s blood and replaces it with some plasma or donor blood (Underwood). This can reverse or lessen the effects of certain blood diseases
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