Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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The novel, Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury and it took place in the dystopian future. Throughout each novel, we are able to see a major theme, which is censorship. In this essay, I will explain how this theme are explored in the story by using the literary devices. To begin with, in this novel, censorship is not given a straight description, but we can see how the author shows it through many literary elements, such as using the setting, tone and symbolisms even foreshadowing. This novel takes place in an advanced future and in an unknown city, where “technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure” are present and they are there to allow people to stay happy all the time (Bradbury, p.55). Houses do not need key to open, for example the main protagonist, Guy Montag just has to “put his hand in the glove hole and let it know his touch” for the door to open (Bradbury, p.8). The media itself became more explicit and detailed. The walls became the television in a house, as on “one wall a woman smiled and drank orange juice” whereas in another wall “an X ray of the same woman revealed the contracting journey of the refreshing beverage on its way to her delighted stomach” (Bradbury, p.90). In this world, books are banned because it is considered as “a loaded gun in the house next door” because they “breached man’s mind” (Bradbury, p.56). Because books helps us to be more critical in life, this may lead to inequality between people. Keeping books and knowledge

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