Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 employs a number of symbolisms to accompany the theme of censorship. Fahrenheit 451 demonstrates the impact of censorship and forced conformity on the Montag and surrounded people, life in a dystopian world where books are completely forbidden. The title itself is a reflection of the temperature at which books are burned on fire. The novel was actually written in the era of McCarthyism. It was a time when many Americans were falsely accused of trying to subvert the United States government. Moreover, it was also a period of the Cold War and a time when televisions emerged as a popular mode of communication. With this effect, Fahreinheit 451 seeks to address the effect of consumerism and reductionism by concentrating on how human creativity and individuality were destroyed by the mass media and advertising industry and also by political ideologies. The Fahrenheit 451 is, however, a work of science fiction that reflects a dystopian era. Bradbury employs distinctive literary styles such as symbolism in order to underscore the values of human imagination. He also deploys such literary style in order to portray cultural heritage. Based on the theme of censorship, reading or owning books was considered a taboo and was illegal. Almost every member of the society focused their minds on entertainment and mass media in order to achieve immediate gratification in life. Whenever people came across books, they were burned and the owners of such books were frequently

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