Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Imagine a world where no one thought for themselves, everything the citizens know is spoon fed to them via electronics, large televisions and audio devices, the only books were that of comics or those regarding rules and history that were approved by the government. Imagine a life in which everything is filtered to prevent anyone from being offended or experience a feeling of discomfort. This world does not exist in our society today, but it does within the pages of Ray Bradbury’s novel entitled Fahrenheit 451. Bradbury depicts a dystopian society filled with mechanic-like, mindless, and thoughtless individuals living a life they think is normal and comfortable, but to people of intelligence, people with an interest in freedom of thoughts and mental stimulation, this society seems controlled, close-minded and wrong. Fahrenheit 451 is a creative, thought provoking piece of literature that encompasses a futuristic society in which books are illegal and banned. Through an analysis of the novel and use of research, specifically focused on characterization, the reader will see and understand an assortment of characters. Bradbury constructed dynamic, flat, and round characters throughout the story that help the plot to develop, rise into conflict, and culminate in a finale where the protagonist rises above the rubble as a new, changed man with a life of opportunity ahead. The characters provide a great foundation to expose the many themes discovered in the story of Fahrenheit

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