Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury

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The novel Fahrenheit 451 is set in a futuristic American city. In the novel, firemen burn books of all sorts. Guy Montag, the main character of the story, is a fireman. However, Montag secretly loves books, which is an aspect that differentiates him from his coworkers. One night, Montag meets a young, bright girl named Clarisse McClellan. She is idealistic and espouses many beliefs that Montag finds unorthodox and strange. She says that firemen once put out fires started accidentally instead of starting them. Montag thinks this to be nonsense, for the Chief told him firemen have always been fire-starters. Clarisse goes on to tell him about her uncle, who remembers the past and has a sharp intellect. She tells Montag that her family stays up all night talking about a variety of different subjects, which Montag finds to be extremely odd. Montag decides that Clarisse is eccentric and goes home to his wife Mildred, a woman who has very little to do except engage with interactive TV shows. She has three walls of the living room equipped with screens that are similar to modern flat-screen televisions. She thinks that a fourth wall would be great, which Montag refuses to purchase because he thinks it is useless and expensive. The next day, Montag finds Clarisse waiting at the bus stop. He asks her if she goes to school. She says she does not, because her teachers have labeled her as anti-social. They speak for a while, and he eventually goes to work. When he gets to work, an
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