Fahrenheit 451 By William Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 was a story that described fireman who started fires of houses that had books in them. People were not allowed to think for themselves or allowed to read books to avoid entering a thinking of anything different then what they were living in. At first Montag was okay with this lifestyle he even enjoyed it until Clarisse made him question his way of life. Montag behind spending more time with her and slowly began to change his actions. He began this by slowly collecting books that should have been burned in the fires and hiding them in his attic. When he tried to let his wife in on this and wanted them to reconnect by entering a world of books she was against the idea and scared to get in trouble. She agreed to give him a day or two to get it out of his system. However, in the end she ended up being the one to abandon his trust the most by being the person who turned him in and then got in a cab and drove off never thinking twice about it. This resulted in Montag changing and him burning his captain down to avoid getting arrested. He was able to escape and start a new life and ultimately began happy. Montag once liked his job and then he meets Clarisse and begins to question is career choice as well as his personal life because he does not feel complete or happy. Montag wants to change his life and tries to open up to Mildred about his feelings but Mildred is so caught up with her “T.V. Family” that she does not have time to discuss anything with Montag.
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