Fahrenheit 451

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FAHRENHEIT 451 This is the most interesting time we live in, filled with new technology and designs to help make our lives better. As wondrous and beautiful as it appears to be, there lies a certain amount of danger that can be nearly as seductive as it is deadly. The beauty often lies behind commercialism, materialism and capitalism. This seductiveness creeps in and brings anguish and chaos in our society, a place where popular culture flourishes. It is far easier to live a life of seclusion and illusion, a life where television is one’s reality. This is how life is represented in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451, in which a society has changed into a pleasurable fantasy world by thinking censoring books is superior.…show more content…
Instead, it manipulates viewers that this ‘real world’ is fabricated with ‘near perfect’ flawless people, having MTV pay for all expenses to fall back on and go partying every night. The public finds it hard to believe that it can be make-believe because television gives the desires that we want to watch. Television recreates an illusional world can coincides with Bradbury’s story. Instead of accepting our real identities, we rather see dreams and desires that can be “what if they can come true.” Wishing for a ideal lifestyle shows how one can be captured into the fake media. Montag’s wife, Mildred, is an example of fleeing away the real world by being subdued to television. She has a television system that covers three of the walls and is upset that they cannot afford to buy the screen to cover the fourth wall. This sophisticated TV has a control unit that allows the viewer to interact with the characters on the program and an option to insert a name into specific placers, a feature that Mildred is ecstatic about. This creates the image that the characters are actually conversing with the viewers. Since Mildred has only a few friends, she spends most of her day in the TV room watching a program that views a family in action, similar to today’s MTV Real World. Mildred is Bradbury’s example of how being washed into television brings nothing but a fake

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