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Fahrenheit 451 Part 2: The Sieve and the Sand Ilana Oleynik

11. Montag’s society programs thoughts so completely that “firemen are rarely necessary”. The firemen are used for burning books, to make sure that no one in the society reads or owns them. The firemen aren’t really necessary because the society already doesn’t read books or seem to care about them. They are in the world of technology and don’t want to gain knowledge or have anything to do with learning new information or facing the real world. Montag’s society programs their thoughts to have fun and be care-free. Books are something they already naturally don’t want to read or think about. This is why the firemen aren’t really necessary.

12. The society’s wall-to-wall
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Truth is elusive, and the metaphor suggests, impossible to grasp in any permanent way.

15. Faber is critical of himself because he feels guilty for having said nothing when this society began to change. He felt that there was a time when he had an opportunity to stops things from happening, from books being destroyed because he was a great mind, but he said nothing for the very reason the society changed- not to upset anyone or the balance of things. He is very pessimistic about the world. He is very against how the society lives and how programmed everyone is. No one cares about learning information anymore and living in the real world. Everyone is hypnotized by technology. He is angered that the people can’t realize what they are missing in their lives. Montag is only willing to become Montag’s mentor because Montag coerces him. Montag shows him a copy of the Bible and offers it to him. Then he starts to tear pages out of it if Faber will not agree to help him. I also think Montag wants to help Montag all along because he sees this as his chance to reclaim justice of these books and take revenge on the government. Faber sees that Montag is very similar to him in the way that they both want to read books and learn the real meanings of life, and stand up for the use of books.

16. The three things necessary for books to be of value: people need quality information, the leisure to digest it, and the freedom to act on what they learn. He defines quality information

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