Fahrenheit 451 Literary Response

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Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 takes place in the 24th century, as “The Heart and the Salamander” introduces a futuristic new society, where mass media, overpopulation, and immense censorship has taken over. In this society, intelligence is considered fugitive action, books are illegal to own due to their provoking philosophy, and firemen ironically produce fires instead of preventing them. This is told through the perception of the story’s protagonist, Guy Montag, during his hectic and enlightening period of life.
The story beings with Montag, a fireman who destroys books for his livelihood, meets a beaming young lady named Clarisse McClellan. She introduces herself, converses with him, and questions things Montag has never considered
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During his last conversation with her, he learned that she is afraid of violence from her peers, and how her uncle mentions that the world is unrecognizable today compared to how it was in his time. It was a world where paintings contained actual people, and important conversations were made. One day, the fire station receives a phone call stating that there is an old lady who has books stacked in her home. The firemen begin destroying immediately upon arriving. Montag realizes the inhumane treatment towards the old lady and begs her to leave the house before getting seriously injured. She leaves him to confound after letting him know that she will never leave her beloved books. Montag manages to take a book, before the house, books, and the lady is left to burn. That night, he tries to tell Mildred about the incident, yet she is still uninterested in what he says. However, she tells him that Clarisse passed away in a car accident, as he is always curious about her. Montag called in sick the next day and is surprised with a visit from Beatty. Beatty strangely knows that he has taken a book, and is curious to read it. Beatty makes a great effort to reassure him that every fireman has a phase of curiosity, and warns him that books must be returned after twenty-four hours if taken in hand to be properly destroyed.
After Beatty left, Montag tells Mildred that he has been hiding more than one book, and attempts to make her understand why he reads them.
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