Fahrenheit 451

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Jhoan Aguilar
Mrs. Armistead
English III H (4)
October 24, 2013 The Exhort of Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury created the novel Fahrenheit 451 as a way to admonish future generations against social and economic trends that would emerge during the twentieth century.
I. Introduction
II. Reasons behind novel
A. World events
B. Personal events
III. Economic trends of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries
A. The economics of consumerism
B. Economic effects on society
IV. Social trends of the twentieth century A Technology and individuals
B. The rise of consumerism
V Bradbury’s warning in the novel A. Bradbury’s views on trends B. Why does he warn us?
VI. Conclusion

Jhoan Aguilar
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The new advertisements focused on creating unique slogan that consumers would remember and that cast products in an optimistic light (N.p. [Page 1]). By the 1880s, advertisement seems to take on a driving aspect of its own, and focused on the creation of “wants” and “needs” in the growing consumer population in order to create a market for certain items, clever businessmen would advertize products in careful language, designed to influence potential buyers into seeing the necessity of owing particular products. Economic effects on society, especially in Americans families, became apparent during the twentieth century. The place of women in the new economy was firmly cemented in the early decades of the twentieth century, with the rise of Progressivism and supply and demand economics (N.p. [Page #]). Progressive reformers and businessmen alike appealed to and propagated the idea of virtuous households, carrying a theme from the culture of sentimentalism in the 1850s that stressed the value of nuclear families with morally upright - if submissive - mothers. Many of the advertisements seen in this collection are clearly directed at women .The foundations of household economy were raised in the early twentieth century and during the World War I era. Home economy, in theory, allowed the housewife to make the most of finances, so that her family could purchase current
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