Fahrenheit 451 Phoenix Analysis

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Why are phoenix and a fireman the same
In fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury compares a phoenix and a fireman alike.
Animal and nature imagery the novel nature is presented as a force of innocence and the truth beginning with clarisse’s. Clarisse’s convinces montag to taste the rain and the experience change him irrevocably Montag escape from the city into the country is a revelation to him showing him the enlightening power of unspoiled nature. The phoenix is a symbol for renewal for life follows death in a cleaning fire. The hearth or fireplace is a traditional symbol of the home the salamander is one the official symbols of the fireman. The phoenix is a lizard who is a mythic being able to live even in the presence of a fire it’s skin is cold and suggested that cold body can put out the flame the rising phoenix out of the ashes live again. Fire is an interesting symbol in fahrenheit 451 because it symbolizes two different meanings. The fireman who burn books and wear the number 451 on their helments fire symolizes destruction (451 is the temperature at which paper and books burn.) when fire is controlled symbolizes the flickering of self awareness and knowledge. After the city is reduced to ashes by bombers in fahrenheit 451 granger compares mankind to phoenix that burns itself up and then rises out of it’s ashes over and over again both destroy themselves in fire and both start up again amid the ashes. Ray Bradbury describes a phoenix as water and a fireman as fire the hearth and the salamander mirrors symbol of self understanding of seeing oneself clearly that recalls to montag’s description of clarisse as a mirror in. Granger said
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