Fahrenheit 451 Reflection

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Many students wonder why they are assigned to read a book. When they finally figure out why, it usually doesn’t have the profound effect on them that the teacher was expecting to. However, there is that one diamond in the rough that some students find, a book that makes them see the world differently. That is what happened to me when I read Fahrenheit 451. I always hated reading books in school. For one thing, the material usually wasn’t interesting, and on top of that, if there was anything exciting to learn, we would be hand fed the material instead of being allowed to figure out the purpose for ourselves, and to interpret the literature as we please. This was detrimental to my progress, especially since I find that I learn from works of literature best when I when I am given the material and left to myself to interpret it on my own. Thankfully, during my junior year, a new teacher came up to Utqiagvik, and his teaching methods and material would earn him the respect as one of the best teachers Barrow High School would have. However, it was the book Fahrenheit 451 that he assigned us to read that would have the most profound effect on me, more so than any other book. Fahrenheit 451 was not only an exciting novel, but it was also one that would force me to take a good hard look at the world. While reading the book, I found many striking parallels between this postmodern world, and the futuristic world of Fahrenheit 451. The most striking resemblance I found was the

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