Fahrenheit 451 Technology Essay

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In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, the society’s technology driven world leads the people to lose their own sense of curiosity. Without the ability to think, the people living in this society live in a mindless state, as a person with curiosity is able to start asking questions. Furthermore, the people’s minds are only focused on technology, which leads them to isolation from a real conversation that does not include senseless meaning. The people’s isolation withholds them from outside contact, leaving him or her with an impression of loneliness that they cannot seem to comprehend. Isolation prevents a person from growing and going through experiences that would make him or her feel more connected with the world. Yet, Montag comes out of…show more content…
Not only does technology lead the society’s people to live a life of isolation, but technology leads the people into feelings of loneliness. The inhabitant’s self-centeredness, along with isolation, causes them to lose their sense of curiosity and knowledge; which induces feelings that they cannot quite seem to understand. In order to push aside their insecurities, they turn to technology to drown out their thoughts, which prevents curiosity to occur. Another cause for feelings of loneliness, is people’s lack of affection towards one another. For example, even though Guy Montag and Mildred are married, they do not share a deep emotional connection with each other or affection like married people usually do. In Fahrenheit 451, Montag asks Mildred when did they first meet, but Mildred does not have any idea according to the dialogue, “When did we meet, and where?” [Asked Montag]... ”I don’t know,” [Mildred] said… “Funny, how funny, not to remember where or when you met your husband or wife” (Bradbury 40). If both of them were to have a meaningful relationship with affection, they were sure to remember where they met in the first place. Also, instead of having normal conversations, Mildred always isolates herself from Guy using her “seashells” and the “parlor walls”. Montag then has no one to
Schwanebeck 3 talk to according to the quote when Montag says, “Nobody listens anymore. I can’t

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