Fahrenheit 451 Unit 1 Alternate Ending

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Law enforcement rushes in to surround Tendou, the villain Kuroo's just defeated, as Kuroo himself does his best to stay inconspicuous. Some photographer snaps a picture before he can fully melt backwards into the shadows, and he winces. It’s not like he’s shy or anything, but it gets kind of tiresome when every single press piece seems torn between calling him a hero or some kind of dangerous vigilante. Monochromatic leather outfit aside, Kuroo feels that his recent track record should make it obvious which side of the line he falls on. Stretching out the stiff muscles in his arms as he walks, Kuroo starts back in the direction of headquarters. He’s tired, and the backlash from manipulating Tendou's emotions has left him in the mood…show more content…
He doesn’t see him there, or anywhere upstairs while he works on all the tedious paperwork that comes with the takedown of a villain. It’s only once Kuroo’s done filing everything that Bokuto appears, stepping out of a side office that probably belongs to Akaashi right when Kuroo walks past it, like he’s been watching out the window. For a second, the two of them just stand there facing each other. Bokuto looks almost apprehensive, even though Kuroo’s told him over and over that he doesn’t blame him for what happened. The sight of Bokuto acting differently than his usual exuberant self makes Kuroo feel a bit on edge as well, but he knows from experience that the two of them won’t get anywhere if they just keep tiptoeing around each other. “Hey,” he says, with a wave and a grin. Apparently that’s all the excuse Bokuto needs to rush forward, pulling Kuroo into a hug so sincere that it’s almost embarrassing to be doing it out in the open while people rush around them trying to get work done. Still, Kuroo wouldn’t dream of pulling away, especially since he can pick up the feelings of happiness and excitement rolling off of Bokuto. To be fair, he’s pretty sure he’d be able to feel them regardless of
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