Fahrenheit 451 Vs. 1984

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Fahrenheit 451 vs. 1984 Ray Bradbury and George Orwell share a very similar theme in their two novels, Fahrenheit 451 and 1984. Winston Smith and Guy Montag work within an authoritarian organization, in which, they have opposing views of the authority. The novels are placed in a dystopian setting that the authority believes is a utopia. The dystopian fictions both have very similar predictions of the future. The predictions from these novels have not happened. However, it could be a short matter of time until the authors predictions on the future become reality. The main theme expressed in these novels is mass censorship on society. The authority figures shape society to believe what they want society to believe. In 1984, a group called “the party” exterminates and modifies any literature or documentations of history to get society to think what the party wants them to think. The party uses monitoring screens in homes and “thoughtpolice” to monitor citizens actions and thoughts. In Fahrenheit 451, the authority does not modify any literature or documentation. The authority chooses to exterminate any form of literature and documentation. Therefore, the society has no knowledge about history and what goes on in the world. This censors the thoughts of society and does not allow citizens to speak freely and express their thoughts about anything. The main character in both novels, which many could consider protagonist, work within the authority that is censoring
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