Fahrenheit 451 Week 3 Assignment

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I picked the top panel on page seven of chapter 12. I picked this panel because of the shape, the iconography, and the closure that is created. This panel is in the shape of a rectangle and makes it seem like this moment is stretched out and paused. It is very still because of all the death that is blocked off by the gutter, but it is still surrounding freezing it into a quiet moment of stillness. It is also a moment-to-moment transition panel, so the sense of time being stretched is further emphasized by this. If you look at Laurie’s distressed face, you will notice that her tear is the shape of the blood splatter on the iconic Watchmen smiley face symbol. With a little closure, it makes it seem as though she is crying tears of blood for all the dead people. Also, Laurie is wearing a choker with a skull icon on it that tactfully emphasizes the destruction of New York.…show more content…
It has finally gone dark. In contrast, there is a sign for the Promethean Cab Company saying, “Bringing Light to the World.” This is ironic because Prometheus is a character from Greek mythology who was punished by the gods for stealing fire from the heavens to give to humans. Yet, a human, Adrian, stole that very light from the world and plunged it into darkness. Even more ironically, in Halo 4 there is a type of A.I. that is named Promethean
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