Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

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Those who fail to plan, plan to fail, or at least plan not to improve, according to the management literature. Look at school improvement, and there’s similar agreement pretty much across the literature that the schools that improve are the ones that plan.
They establish a clear educational vision and consequent shared mission; identify goals or objectives that enable them to achieve that mission and thereby realise that vision; audit themselves, thereby identifying areas for improvement; and develop and implement educational programs on the basis of leadership 57 that audit that address areas for improvement in ways that help them achieve the mission. That process, much of the literature suggests, is recursive or
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They found that those asked simply to ‘do your best’ corrected both grammatical and content errors, while those who were asked specifically to correct grammar ignored content, and those who were asked specifically to correct content ignored grammar.
The reason? Goals ‘inform the individual about what behaviour is valued and appropriate,’ argue Staw and Boettger.
The goal-setting problem, Ordóñez and colleagues add, is that when we plan we tend to latch on to specific, measurable standards rather than complex sets of behaviours, and the attitudes and values that underlie them, precisely because specific standards are easy to measure and complex sets of behaviours are not.
Command performance
The goal-setting problem, essentially, depends on whether a goal is set by command or by consultation, negotiation or – horror – genuine collaboration. Goals set by command are, by definition, set by those with the power, whether you like it or not, to set them. The risk of such goal setting is that, first, it may lead to goals that are inappropriate or overly specific and, second, that leaders and their followers can be prone to what could be called target fixation or what Christopher Kayes, calls ‘destructive goal pursuit’ in Destructive
Goal Pursuit: The Mount Everest disaster, to which Ordóñez and colleagues

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