Fail to Succeed

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Fail to Succeed Hello, I would like to introduce you to a different way of thinking about failure. Most of us know or see successful people in our daily lives. Some of us wonder if we will ever be successful. Some of us think that the successful person has always been this way. I have even heard people comment that success was given to that successful person. Either way you look at it or whatever you think about success. I can assure you most of the successful people you see became successful after some type of failure. Failure to succeed is not about failure; it is about using your failures to achieve success. I think at some point we have all failed in something. If you have never failed you probably just don’t remember.…show more content…
Once he realized he could be successful in this situation, failure was no longer an option. Although his failure was small to the coaches or even his buddies, it meant a lot to him. Without this failure he never would have learned that some else was capable of beating him in this position. Now he is always ready to go head to head no matter who is in front of him. He succeeded by failure. In conclusion I just want to be sure when you fail you realize why you failed. Failure can be a great success as you have read in my examples. At first it may not seem so but as we analyze our failures we can become a much greater success than before we failed. I have taken advice from many people in my life, most of them much older than I. I like to hear what people have to say about their failures and success because most of the time they are closely related. We can also learn from others who have failed before we fail on our own. I think failure is often overlooked as good education. I believe failure to be one of our best learning tools. So, I hope you can fail and become successful, I hope you can fail with confidence, I hope you fail to
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