Failed Conversation Tannen

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Q2. Tannen cites the correlation of “failed conversation” a factor in the “current divorce rate of nearly 50 percent”. In a study most women reported that a lack of conversation caused their divorce, further proving that without proper communication a relationship can fall apart.

Q3. In girls the foundation of their friendships is based upon their conversation. Intimacy is shared with stories or secrets, the sense of closeness given from the things shared. This ritual is important to establish a bond or friendship.

Q4. Males form friendships based on the activities they share or memories made together. Instead of conversing, creating their own stories together strengthens a relationship and the natural competition gives them their place.


Q7. Each gender group handles problems differently in order to deal with them. Women who share their issues are given a comforting response to establish a connection. For example women will ask questions, or try to understand the situation by comparing each others
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From the detailed explanation behind each behavior I am surprised by how these important differences are never talked about. Growing up we are in constant contact with others but it is never questioned on why we interact or react the way we do. In most situations one person is thought of as wrong, but with this mindset conflicts escalate with unsound arguments due to misunderstanding. When a person is accused for the most part their initial reaction would be to argue and defend their side, creating a larger problem without clear communication. With open communication the problem is recognized by both parties and each put in effort to make a difference for the better. Since these differences are never talked about both sexes have relationship problems because they cannot understand each
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