Failed States and Civil Wars: Somalia Essay

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Failed States and Civil Wars: Somalia
The history of Somalia is a bloody one, filled with failed occupation, anarchy and civil war. Early Somalia established itself as a merchant state. Its key geographical location by the natural strait between the Horn of Africa and Yemen made it a focal point for trade.This essay will explore the history of internal struggles of the Somalilands and its many wars. It will investigate the colonial influences and conflicts between Somalia and its imperial occupiers and how these influences set the stage for future conflicts between the clans. Also, it will attempt to define the reasons why Somalia has become a failed state. The importance of United States foreign policies will be discussed as they have
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It is likely that these merchants brought the religion of Islam into the region. However, the lucrative trade and extended contact, brought with it the threat of colonization. In the late nineteenth century, native societies in Africa were unable to fend off European forces with advanced weaponry, and like many lesser developed territories, Somalia was colonized and divided among the imperial powers. At one point, the Somalilands (which included Puntland, Mogadishu, southern Somalia and portions of Djibouti and Eritrea) were compartmentalized under the rule of French, British, Italian and Ethiopian colonies.

Anti-Colonial Somalia
It is worth noting that Somalis are a mostly homogenous population. Specifically, they share a common language, religion (mostly Sunni Muslim, minority Shi'i) and a common historical identity. The main source of internal contention has always been disputes between the four main clan-families; the Dir, Darod, Isaaq, and Hawiye clans.(Jennifer De MaioTITLE:Managing Civil Wars: An Evaluation of Conflict-prevention Strategies in Africa ) However at this point in history, the Somali people, longing to break out from imperial rule, unified briefly under the Salihiyah tariqa, an orthodox muslim brotherhood led by Mahammad Abdille Hasan. The so-called, Dervish rebellion targeted the British and Egyptian

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