Failing Expectations On Future Generations

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Failing Expectations on Future Generations Is every relationship perfect? Eric Swanson asked individuals about their marriage and their responses were surprising. “Amazingly, and consistently nearly 97 percent of married couples answer, “very happy” or “pretty happy… A mere 3-4 percent today would say they are “not too happy” (Swanson). True love is supposed to last a lifetime, but for the three percent remaining of unhappy couples results in divorce. Divorce is a negative decision because children develop stress and unstable futures; nevertheless we can solve the issues of divorce by visiting marriage counselors, communicating with one another, and partaking in trail marriages Growing up with divorced parents can have a negative effect on children. “It diminishes children’s future competence in all five of society’s major or tasks institutions: family, school, religion, marketplace and government” (Fagon and Churhill 1). Children growing up with divorced parents are very shy and depressed. The parents’ separation take negative tolls on children because it causes them to rebel at an early age while lacking knowledge between right and wrong. Children who rebel often get involved in dangerous activities such as: under aged smoking, drinking, unprotected sex, and crime. The child’s rebellious acts causes him to have disadvantages in his future because the parents are focused more on their issues than their child’s. Although children have no control over their parents’
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