Failing Schools Essay

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Failing Schools

Almost 90 percent of American students below the college level attend public institutions, which are funded by local and state taxes, not tuition. Most of those children who do not attend these public institutions, attend private schools of which close to 80 percent are religiously affiliated (USIA Chapter 6). Other educational possibilities include private schooling which is not religious or home schooling. Because only military academies are run by government officials, the US government only guides the public school systems as to what they should do about funding (USIA Chapter 6). It can be said then, that in those school districts with less money, and more poverty, the schools are destined to fail.

One of the
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Schools with more money have computer labs, technology in the classrooms including power point machines, individual computers, televisions, and more. One such school is the Roland Park Country School.

The Roland Park Country School

The Roland Park Country School (2005) website describes that it is important for the new generation of women to have superior knowledge when it comes to technology. The technology that the Roland Park Country School offers its students gives them an amazing opportunity. At the RPCS every classroom from kindergarten through twelfth grade has a computer in the room and as of the 2003-2004 school year every student from 7-12th grade has a laptop with them throughout the school day. This laptop project is an amazing one, but sounds completely unfeasible for many people to afford. That is why the RPCS has a voucher program installed. “In the past year 20% of RPCS students in kindergarten through 12th grade received over $1 million in financial assistance” (RPCS 2005 pg1). Having this program allows for the students of the RPCS to get exposure to hi-tech devices they probably would not have been exposed to without the school and thus without its vouchers.

Thinking in the Future

As stated before, technology is a rapidly progressing field. It is so widespread and used that most Americans cannot go more than a couple hours without using some aspect of modern technology. It can also be said that new technologies that

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