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Introduction It is extremely important today to give education the utmost attention, as it is considered a guaranteed insurance into a child’s future. However, it is a usual occurrence for children to fail consistently in many parts of the world especially within the United States. A student who has lost interest in their education will generally pay less and less attention to their teacher and will perform extremely poor on tests and other assessments. In extreme cases students will drop out of school and therefore completely disregard their education and their future. It is important that causes of inability to perform well at school should be figured out before they can be pin down to improve performances in general and long term…show more content…
Some problems for students in the classroom associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) include restless legs and a difficulty to concentrate. ADHD is a diagnosis in children that if left untreated can lead to poor school performance. The studies of Dr. Pagel conclude that parents should discuss the possibility of ADHD early on in a child's life if suspected. Discussing the possibility of ADHD early and facing it head on with treatment can have positive long term effects for children. Student’s Lack of Motivation Students need to be motivated in order to perform well in school. Seems simple but the lack of motivation might result in the failure for students, so the lack of motivation must be found and dealt with so students can succeed. Today we see more and more students showing up to school without having developed a basic motivation to learn. Students can be unmotivated and just tune out for several of reasons. The cause for the lack of motivation can be placed on many factors such as: • The media today causing much of the distractions. T.V., the internet, video games, etc. • Students take their entertainment at a higher priority in comparison to their education. • They could have a learning disability and therefore they cannot keep up • They might not be getting help from home or their teacher and they could then simply give up! • They
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