Failure And Success Of Project

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Introduction: There are many literatures on how to make a project success but they are unclear because there is no specific cause or reason to become project unsuccessful. This position paper explores the reasons of failures and success in the projects. Now a day’s major projects are increasingly becoming critical to manage because of the nature of projects of multiple stakeholders, conflicts of thoughts and delays. From the studies of different authors 13 crucial things are documented for the success of project and 5 crucial things for the failure of the project. Steps for success of project 1. Clearly defines goals: This includes general philosophy and General goal of the project and also agreement of team mates to these goals. The main…show more content…
It is necessary to allocate the resources properly for the success of the project. 6. Adequate communication channels: necessary information should be available on the Organizational Coordination, customer and client needs, project goals, status, changes it improvements etc. 7. Control mechanisms: It is necessary to take some steps to run the project as coordinated at the time of the initial schedule of the plan. 8. Feedback capabilities: all teams that are related to this project must be able to provide project reviews, suggestions, feedback and corrections through normal feedback communication channels or through peer review meetings. 9. Responsiveness to client: all the users related to project must provide regular status about the project updates. In future clients will receive the assistance after the project got executed successfully. 10. Client consultation: The members in the project will solicited all the inputs to the potential clients who are the part of the project (Wit, 1998). The team members associated in the project will identify the needs of those who utilize the system. 11. Technical tasks: The technologies that are currently developing the design, the implementation, and the approach must be reviewed by the project leaders that are outside of the project. This gives the clear indication of project flow. 12. Client acceptance: potential clients must be contacted to demonstrate the usefulness of the project. Also make necessary preparations
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