Failure As A Positive Learning Experience

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Failure is something many of us fear. In an episode of Once Upon a Time called Labor of Love, Hercules tried with every ounce of himself to defeat the three-headed hellhound Cerberus and failed. It wasn’t until his death did he manage to find the courage to try again and succeed with the help of Snow White. Hercules feared failure. Snow White feared failure as well, with letting her kingdom down when she failed to defeat a bandit from stealing from her townspeople. She was to the point of giving up and running away, but with the help of Hercules she managed to try again and find a way to succeed. Even great stories have failures that push the characters to stand up to failure and in turn succeed. When People are faced with the chance of failure many people back down and try a safer route to get the results they want, but if failure is faced without fear great opportunities happen. Although people don’t often associate positivity with failure, failure can be a positive learning experience because it causes people to improve a person’s self-esteem, allows people to view their challenges in a different way, and with accepting failure people will find greatness. Overcoming obstacles that arise will give a person more confidence in themselves for other hardships they may face. When a person doesn’t think that they will overcome challenges or fail over and over, they will lose faith in success and then may not try any longer and just move on. After failing they look at
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