Failure In Things Fall Apart

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No matter how a person lives, where a person lives, or what time period a person lives in, that person will encounter conflict. No one can get by without at least confronting conflict once or twice because conflict is a side effect of being alive.It’s not the conflict that you go through that make you great or not, it’s how you interpret it, it’s how you overcome it. In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, there are multiple examples of how people either have great success because of their achievement of overcoming fear, but there are also multiple examples of other people in the book that aren’t so successful.

For example, the main character’s father, Unoka. In the book, he’s seen as a great failure in both the eyes of the village and the eyes of his own son, Okonkwo. Unoka was in debt, he was an alcoholic, and only had joy when he was playing his flute or with the village band. Though Unoka found solace in the beautiful sounds of music, he was still a failure. He was dealt cards by life and he disregarded them, which made him a failure. He died a failure and left a legacy of being just that, a failure. When he got sick, he was thrown into the Evil Forest and was left
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Because Okonkwo hated Unoka with every fiber of his being, he took large and possibly unnecessary measures to make sure he didn’t turn out even a little bit like his father. In the life quest Okonkwo took on the path of not being like his father, he ended up a bit worse than him. His wives and children were scared of him because he beat them, and eventually, his oldest son Nwoye turns against him and trades their scarce relationship for a relationship with the white man’s God. While that is happening, Okonkwo murders someone and he gets exiled from his village, where he used to have all the glory. In the end, Okonkwo ended as a failure, which is exactly what he tried his hardest not to
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