Failure Is Bad Or Bad?

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Failure is bad. Those incredibly rare moments when you do fail, learning from them are often straight forward. The steps you need to take afterwards are asking people to reflect on what they did wrong and to avoid that mistake again in the future. Better yet, when you fail assign a team to review and write a report on what happened then distribute it throughout the organization. That is most efficient way to deal with failures when you are a leader. If you believe in every sentence I have stated above, then your belief is misguided. First, failure is not all bad. Sometimes it is bad, but most of the time it is inevitable and/or good. Second, learning from a failure is not straightforward. Analyzing a failure needs to go beyond statements…show more content…
Before I became manager I was a busboy. I went from the simple busboy of a local restaurant to becoming its weekend manager. The position progression went like this: busboy, to dishwasher, to waiter, to cook, and finally to weekend manager. The position was offered to me after two years at the job. Regardless, becoming the weekend manager was not a title I was expecting to be vacant for a college freshman like me. When the owner of the restaurant asked me, my immediate response was: “why me?” I asked why because a manager entailed a lot of responsibility. To me, when I envision a manager, I envision an individual with significant managerial experience and is an elder to his/her employees. I was neither. I was the youngest of the staff and had zero prior managerial experience. The response the owner gave me to my question was a response I remember till date. After working at this local restaurant for two years, I had felt like it was time to move on. I did all I could here, and learned all the information and experience it could offer. For me there was nothing left to be gained from the job, so that meant it was time to depart to something more advanced. Little did I know that, that something higher was where I was standing – When the manager incited the idea that I become the weekend manager, I was eager to say yes, but I was more curious to learn why. Why me? When I asked the old man why, he gave me a firm look and confidently
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