Failure Is Just Another Step On The Ladder Of Success

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Being faced with the negativity of life is sometimes harsh, and continually crushes your hopes, while stopping you from accomplishing your goals. But in actuality, does failure give off a positive effect, or negative effect? Is it a burden, or a lesson to make you even better? Perhaps stated best by an anonymous man- “Failure is just another step on the ladder of success”. The quote bestows a meaning to the reader, a meaning which will have to be analyzed deeply in order to understand the lesson behind it. This quote symbolizes or conveys that behind each failure that you experience, each mistake you make, has a purpose. Everyone faces this failure, but learning and overcoming this failure, is just another pathway to success, or simply “helping you climb higher on the ladder of success”. Basically, the quote is designating a lesson such as “Learn from your mistakes”. In other words, the quote is insinuating that everyone faces failures here and there over the course of their lives, but these failures are not meant to be barriers; they are supposed to be messages to you that you can make yourself better and better overtime, and become the best you are able to be. Failure is meant to be inevitable, but overcoming and learning from that failure, that is the real challenge. When I think about this quote, it reminds me about a time in my life when I was faced with failing grades earlier in elementary school, and the struggles of my family to find better jobs with little to
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