Failure Is Not An Fatal Fear

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People fear a wide variety of things in life. For me fear can be an extremely strange emotion. I have many fears but failure is the most crippling fear I have to disappoint the people I care about the most. There are probably millions of other experiences I should be afraid of like storms, spiders, snakes, planes, or even death. I’m not afraid of death because I know that when I die I will go to heaven so I have nothing to fear concerning death. Failure is more fearsome than any scary monster that Hollywood could imagine for many reasons that people might think are insanely stupid, but for me it’s everything that is the true meaning of fear and much more.
Failure is my biggest fear but not in the normal way people view failure. To me failure is not making an “F” on a test or missing the game winning goal, touchdown, or basket and being the hero and getting thunderous applause from fans. Failure is seeing disappointment on the faces of the ones I love and hold closest to me when I don’t give my best. For me failure isn’t just messing something up, failure is messing up when I know I didn’t give my absolute best effort and giving whatever it is I’m working on everything I had to make it the best it could ever be.
Another fear of failure is knowing that I might not be good enough or able to handle being a veterinarian and all that it in tells. To become a vet is all I have ever dreamed of and strived to achieve. I never wanted to be a ballerina or famous singer or even a…
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