Failure Is The Key To Success Essay

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Failure is the Key to Success
Nobody is surprised when a students who struggled to pass classes in high school and miraculous gets accepted to college, ends up dropping out or failing out after their first few semesters, but when accomplished honors students and high school valedictorians are failing out of college it raises a eyebrows. For some of these students all they’ve known there entire academic career is success. They are gifted enough as students to turn in a paper or take a test and know they got an A. They never had to ask for help because they’ve never been challenged enough to need it. But when they get to the college level, and are challenged by their coursework they struggle because they don’t know how to ask for help. Then
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The grit and self control it takes to count plant cells under a microscope in high school biology is the same grit and self control it takes to stay attentive during a three hour lecture about how to count plant cells under a microscope. Strength of character is just as important as strength of mind. Comparing the college dropout rates between students who went to public high school and students who were homeschooled or took classes online shows how important character traits are to success. Both groups of students studied had equal academic intelligence based on their standardized test scores, but students who were homeschooled or went to an online high school were more likely to dropout of college and more likely to go on welfare later in life (Tough). The only explanation is that they didn’t develop the non-cognitive skills that students in a typical high school setting learned naturally. The same goes for high school superstars who never learned to fail. No matter how intelligent and successful a student is academically in high school, if they don’t have these non-cognitive skills or character traits they are destined to fail when they reach the college level.
In some ways the underachievers, the students who earned straight C’s in high school, are more prepared for college than the students who earned straight A’s but didn’t work for it. C students know all about the process of failing, learning, and improving. They

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