Failure Of Complete Integration Of Communication Systems

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Multiple EMRs within a single organization causes huge problem not only between health care providers but also for patients. Failure of complete integration of communication systems leads to medical errors, which can harm the patients inevitably. Recently, medical errors has been said to be the third leading cause of death and nearly 400,000 people die each year because of medical errors (James, 2013). The medical errors cost our nation nearly 1 trillion dollars (McCann, 2004). Out of these, 1.7 billion were due to miscommunication of health providers, as summarized in the report by CIRCO survey system (Bailey, 2016). This miscommunication not only cause inefficiency for a nurse, or respiratory therapist alone, but includes most of the…show more content…
It is very hard to standardize healthcare. Even though EMRs are great way of capturing, storing and modifying information about patient, it has to meet certain criteria such as interoperability in order for it to be effective and beneficial for patients. According to IEEE, interoperability is defined as “The ability of two or more systems to exchange information,” and “The ability of those systems to use the information that has been exchanged” (Fridsma, 2013). Without interoperability, it is impossible to have system of health information exchange which can communicate and work effectively towards quality of care. Gail Powell-Cope pointed four very important points of why technology, such as EMRs, has problems. His four points are, “(1) poor technology design that does not adhere to human factors and ergonomic principles, (2) poor technology interface with the patient or environment, (3) inadequate plan for implementing a new technology into practice, and (4) inadequate maintenance plan” (Powell-Cope, 2008). All these four reasons explain what is wrong with the EMRs today that need to be fixed before we could take next step in advancing in healthcare field. A study done by Payne, “analyzed use of more than one EMR within our two health care organizations to identify advantages, risks and costs that use of more than one EMR presents”(2012) . As a respiratory therapist working in a hospital with multiple EMR, I did
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