Failure Of Failure After Failure

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As my first semester of college is coming to an end, I would like to reflect on my experience here within the Honors 120 and 121 class on Failure and the Question Wheel. I chose this class on failure because I have always held myself to such high standards that I hoped to be able to find a way to accept failure in some instances. Within our first week in class, we made claims about failure. My favorite claim was that every failure is in some way a success. Although this claim was not very debatable and incredibly generic, I was able to really let my mind explore what it was trying to say. Throughout the semester I experienced failure after failure, but that allowed me to see that success can still be achieved within failures. One major failure I experienced throughout the entire semester was my failure to speak up in class. In the beginning of the school year I failed to speak up mainly because I was shy and being around all new people whom I did not know made me feel very anxious. I thought that my anxiety about this class would lessen over time as I got to know my fellow classmates. However, as time went on I realized that while a majority of my classmates share these anxious feelings with me, the other students that had been speaking up are very strong-willed and can be judgmental at times. I then realized that I was scared to speak up in class because I feared that my ideas were not “deep” enough or that the “normal speakers” would think I was stupid. I feared

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