Failure Of Pakistan As An Effective Ally Of North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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This essay aims to explain the failure of Pakistan as an effective ally of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the fight against the Taliban/ Al Qaeda. This essay is broken into three parts in order to better understand the fight against the Taliban/ Al Qaeda. In the first part, we look at the formation of the Taliban/ Al Qaeda in the region followed by its relationship with Pakistan and finally the post 9/11 situations in the region. It also looks to study the Pakistan – United States and Pakistan – India relationship.

As mentioned by Riedel (2008, pp 32-36), the jihadist terrorist movement gained momentum during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. During this period, Pakistan was a key to victory in overcoming
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Wander (2008) provides a very good historical timeline of Al Qaeda in his article, in this we are able to trace the formation of Al Qaeda to the year 1988 when they immediately carried out their first terrorist act Aden in December 1992 followed by the United States in February 1993.

With the help of Pakistan, the Taliban were successful in gaining control of a majority of Afghanistan though the Taliban proved to be a difficult ally for Pakistan as they continued providing a safe haven for Islamist radicals including Al Qaeda. In the wake of 9/11, Pakistan was coerced by the Bush administration to pick either the U.S. or Taliban. To which Pakistan formally pledged alliance to the U.S. though this was not driven by a change of stand on Taliban but rather on the believe that if Pakistan failed to stand by the U.S. then it would push to U.S. to seek closer relations with India which Pakistan feels to be a threat to its fight in Kashmir (Katz n.d.). In an article by D’Souza (2006, pp.528) notes how Pakistan went from one of the three countries that recognised Taliban leadership in Afghanistan to a complete reversal post 9/11. Though the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan, their rule was short lived due to Al Qaeda aggression in the U.S., this had turned Pakistan plans of having Afghanistan as a safe heaven ruined.

Pakistan is a unique in the way that it is not only a
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