Failure Of Responsible Management : Enron Corporation

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Introduction This report is select to investigate an example, which failure of responsible management. The Enron Corporation is an example, because Enron event is the typical case for organization failure of responsible management In the end of 2001, Enron scandal has been disclosure, Enron stock prices slumped, and its financial tricks was exposed. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began survey of company 's records. Enron’s auditor ‘Arthur Andersen ‘destroys relevant documents. (Ailon, G. 2011) Enron was bankruptcy in December 2001, and became the largest bankruptcy case in American history. It was a long-term influence on media and stock market that ‘shocked America’ (JE. Stiglitz, 2003). There are many cause lead Enron to fail, in this report only focus on responsible management part, which ethics and social corporate responsibility, leadership, planning, and organization culture. Enron would be read as the demise not just of one firm, but relate to entire economic model’ (Henwood. 2005, p. 33). The Enron case reflects many responsibility management issues; such as they are how to establish ethics standards, corporate social responsibility, and leadership function for firm. From Enron case people should understand that leader to run an organization could not without responsibility management. This report will analyze what reason trigger Enron scandal happened. Any organization should constantly to check the internal responsible management system, and avoid

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