Failure Of Risk Identification Along The Project

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Ramsgate Linkspan Tragedy:
Failure in Risk Identification Along The Project

A project should be done as a whole package, not only focusing on the construction phase, which most likely become the spotlight of the project, as people commonly seen, but also should be considered from the planning process to maintenance phase.
Ideally, a project divided into a few phases, there re initiating, planning and design, executing and construction, monitoring and controlling, also closing or completion (Whole Building Design Guide, 2014). However, not every project have every step as those processes, many industries use their own phase stage.
However, standard guidance is made by some regulatory agency in order that a project can run smoothly,
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The accident never happens without causes. It has to be investigated factors that make accident happen. But, sometimes, what had been found are only the trigger factor that brings into an accident. There could be the main factor or the root factor which already happens for a periodic time and with the additional trigger become the inevitable accidents.
Ramsgate Linkspan began in 1980s. Initially, the first design of the berth was for a single deck structure which could be adjusted to accept a second level deck. A loosely moored floating pontoon design allowed the movement for six degrees of freedom. Meanwhile, as the increased traffic between UK and continental Europe and finished channel tunnel in 1990s, bring new larger ferries with two level. So, the linkspan need to modified to serve the new ferries. The new linkspan proposed the addition of upper deck in the pontoon and upper bridge to separate the traffic of passengers and vehicles.
The hired designers were the same as the previous designers. They started to modificate the linkspan in September 1993, while the deadline for the lower deck was 1 January 1994 and the upper deck was 15 January 1994. The problems began when designers did not apply the passenger walkway until 11 November 1993, whereas it should present o 4 February 1994. As the result, the order of walkway was placed on
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