Failure Of Skin Deep Learning

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Carly Ruiz February 28, 2016 Period 4 Extra Credit Assignment: Worth 50 points Failure of Skin-Deep Learning : In this article it tells you about students and textbooks in school. The State of California are giving schools these textbooks with so many pages in them, that most of students will not even read or learn anything. For example like a Biology book that the State of California gives to schools. That book is so huge, most teachers will not be able to teach all the lessons in it the whole entire year. That’s what mainly the article is about. Even if teachers attempt teaching from the book, students may not learn anything. Since there are so many chapters, the teacher may rush through the whole thing. The students may get an A…show more content…
8 Essentials for Project-Based Learning For this article it is about the steps for a teacher to prepare a project they are about to give out to students they are about to do. For the first step the teacher need to identify the project and see if it will be effective to the students. If she picks any kind of project, that won’t help the student learn anything. The project must something about you are learning or about to learn. Then that’s when the teacher has to teach the lessons about the project or give them a more exciting way to learn it. An example like having them watch a video or going on a field trip which will give them a better understanding about the project they are about to do. Giving packets to the students or just a regular piece of paper about the project will not want them to do the project. That usually does not excite any student, and it will make them not want to do it. So as you teach them about the lesson they are about to do the projects on, you need to give them inquiry about it so they can have a better understand for the project they will do. As they answer your inquiry, they might get inquiry about that. Which will then lead to resources. So maybe like a book or using technology. As they look up there questions, that may give the students a lot more solid information that they can use for their project. That then leads to the next step. You need to then give your students something that they
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