Failure Of The Omniscietor In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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Ron Neuhaus argues in his article “The Great Gatsby and the Failure of the Omniscient I” that Nick is not the ideal narrator for F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Neuhaus believes that the shift between Nick as a first person limited narrator to a third person omniscient viewpoint is both confusing and detracts from the novel. However, the novel itself illustrates that switching of viewpoints in The Great Gatsby is not a flaw. The information presented through the third person omniscient narration benefits readers by giving them information about different events while leaving Nick as a unique and important character. Nick functions as both being inside and outside of the events: offering his own opinion and insights to other information he would not know through the use of the third person. The…show more content…
Nick proves to be an insider and and outside through his status in society. He was born into an upper class family, but he was not overly wealth either. Nick, unlike the other elitist of his class, does not seem to care that Gatsby is of the lower class because he is of new money. Nick may be socially high, but his lack of the overabundance of wealth that his friends posses puts him in a unique place. He understands higher social cues, as displayed when Tom, Mr. Sloane, and a woman visit Gatsby on horseback. Nick knows that Gatsby is not wanted at dinner, even though Gatsby is unable to pick up on these cues himself. Nick also is connected to all the main characters without being directly involved in the events. He is friends with Tom and goes with him to visit Myrtle, but he doesn’t affect their interaction with his presence. He is Daisy’s cousin, but he does not play a crucial role in her life. He is Gatsby’s neighbor and closest friend, but Gatsby’s lifestyle was chosen and established before Nick came into the

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