Failure To Safeguard NJSP Duty Weapon : A Report

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With respect to the allegations of Failure to Safeguard NJSP Duty Weapon, Intentional False Reports, Intentional False Statements, Uniform and Grooming Standards, Intentionally Providing False Information During a Misconduct Investigation, and Failure to Document In Station CAD, against SSgt. Walsh, on December 26, 2016, SSgt. Walsh stopped at the Wawa located next to the Bellmawr Station to purchase some items before reporting for duty. SSgt. Walsh alleged he removed his duty weapon and placed it underneath the front passenger seat before entering the Wawa. He returned to his vehicle and drove to the station where he realized the weapon had gone missing. This was consistent with SSgt. Walsh’s Reportable Incident Form. SSgt. Walsh alleged …show more content…

Walsh contacted him after finding the weapon, and advised that his wife found the weapon in their secondary vehicle (Volkswagen CC). SSgt. Walsh denied DSG Meyrick’s claim and “doubled down” on his fabricated story by stating his Ford Explorer had a (4) inch void, which caused him not to locate the weapon. This alleged void was carefully inspected by DSFC Wynn and it was determined the small area underneath the passenger seat did not have any pockets or fishers that may have concealed the weapon. Also, the vehicle had been recently purchased and was clear of clutter. This would add further support to the fact that SSgt. Walsh fabricated the stolen duty weapon story, and he also fabricated how and where the weapon was located. A closer look at SSgt. Walsh’s behavior on the night his duty weapon allegedly went missing, was consistent with an individual who thought his duty weapon had been lost, not stolen. He first asked Tpr. I Lewandowski (Union Representative) what the discipline would be for a lost duty weapon, he then systematically searched his locker but not his vehicle. He also called his wife at home to search the residence. Moreover, SSgt. Walsh never told his wife he reported his duty weapon stolen when she offered to search his vehicle the following morning. Throughout this internal investigation, the only time SSgt. Walsh was consistent was when he accused everyone else of being incompetent, or influential in his decision making.

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