Failure of the Battle of Britain Campaign Essays

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In the summer of 1940, Adolf Hitler began operation “Sea-Lion,” or better known as the Battle of Britain. This was the plot to destroy the British RAF so that a German landing on the beaches of England and air assault could be possible. Because of the failure of the battle of Britain campaign, the course of the war was changed in the allies favor, and, Hitler’s plan for European domination was halted. The early stages of the war were dominated by Germany, attacking Europe in quick succession. The ground forces quickly overwhelmed the European nations with the support of aircraft. The Luftwaffe quickly gained air superiority. In early May 1940, the Norway Debates began to question the competence of Britain current Prime Minister, Neville…show more content…
it was a powerful aircraft with a liquid cooled Damlier-Benz DB-601 engine giving it 1,085 horsepower. A 3 bladed VDM variable pitch Propeller gave it an excellent climb speed of 17.5 m/s. also the aircraft had a low relatively low weight and giving it a high power to weight ratio. At high altitude the BF-109E could outfly the competition thanks to a 2 stage turbo-supercharger. The Fighter was also heavily armed. The plane sported two 7.92 synchronized machine guns in firing through the propellers with 1000 rounds per gun, and 2 MGFF 20-mm cannons firing through the propeller arch. Each cannon had 60 rounds per gun. Ammunition was limited with the cannons, but one well-placed burst could critically damage or destroy a fighter. Because of their strengths, the BF-109 was used as fighter hunter and interceptor. The Germans also used heavy fighters to escort the bombers and dive bombers. The BF-110 was a dual-engine, heavy fighter with heavy firepower. The BF-110 has two DB-605 engines, each with 1,185 horsepower. These aircraft had a climb speed of 10.5 m/s, which was slow, but, impressive for an aircraft its size the aircraft had a large airframe, and heavier weight, making it a slower less maneuverable, what the BF-110 lack in agility, it made up in firepower. This aircraft had 4, 7.92 machine guns which were housed in the nose. Also the aircraft usually carried 2 MG FF cannons, but it wasn’t unusual to see
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