Failure of the Russian Provisional Government

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To a large extent the political predicament in Russia was unsuccessful due to the provisional government holding power. The provisional government set policies that weren’t under the autocratic government which lead them to be favoured by the people of Russian, an example of these policies included; “freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Immediate preparations for a vote to elect a constituent assembly consisting of representatives from the whole nation; when formed, the provisional government will cease to exist” and many others (Malone, 2009,P.108). However the provisional government went back on to their policies and this manifested into the July days. Thru the July days from 16th to the 19th over “568 factories closed down” with the factories closing down this made a huge impact on the economy as over “104000 workers loss their jobs” (Malone, 2009,P.116) which increased the unemployment dispute dramatically. The soldiers and industrial worker engages in spontaneous demonstrations against the Russian Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks tried to provide leadership to the demonstrations. However the military attacked the peaceful demonstrations and engaged in repression against the Bolsheviks. During this repression Lenin went into hiding, whilst other Bolshevik leaders were arrested (Malone, 2009,P, 115. P, 116). The aftermath of the July Days signified a temporary deterioration of growth, power and influence to the Bolsheviks. By the end of April and Russia still

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