Failure to Address the Needs of African American Children

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This belief assumes a kind of homogeneity despite the empirical evidence of considerable racial and cultural diversity in North America. As a result, the egregious casualties of the American educational and social system remain disproportionately and overwhelmingly African American. Furthermore, the many casualties among African American youth in North America confirm the failure of the social sciences and the educational system in their attempt to address the needs of the African American child. The following study epitomizes the enduring racial and cultural generalizations of those individuals whose entire history as a “science” has been the repeated distribution of unfavorable characteristics to the African race. For many, adolescence marks a turning point, in which some individuals disengage from academics, and others persist into higher levels of educational attainment. A variety of factors influence ones destiny, however effective control is marked as having the most significant effect on the outcome of Adolescence in North America. Effortful control is a feature of temperament that has been proposed as a set of neurocognitive competencies relevant to self-regulation and educational attainment (Veronneau, Racer, Fosco & Dishion, 2014). It involves the ability to inhibit impulses and prevent disruptive behaviors, in order to maintain focus and maintain…
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