Failure to Launch

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Topic: Failure to Launch Question/Prompt: Discuss at least 2 reasons research is suggesting for young adults still living at home. This new phenomenon—young adults still living in their parent's home well into their late 20's to early 30's—is proposed to be a result of many different reasons. Spend some time reading what experts suggest about this trend and address at least 2 reasons suggested. Contrary to popular belief “boomerang kids “or kids who fail to leave home, as they are called did not start during the “great recession” as numbers show. Research shows that this phenomenon has been increasing in number between the years of 1980 to 2008 (Adams, 2012). There can be several reasons that can be attributes to this. The go to…show more content…
Grown children can benefit significantly from parental help. Young adults who received financial, every day and emotional support from their parents have reported clearer life goals and more satisfaction than young adults who received less parental support (Fingerman & Furstenburg , 2012). This closeness to parents, signals an overall change in the cultural climate of what relationships take place in people’s lives today versus in generations past. This change is made true by, delays in marriage, more Americans choosing to remain single, and high divorce rates, a tie to a parent may be the most important bond in a young adult’s life (Fingerman & Furstenburg , 2012). However the negative side to this can also lead to adult children feeling stifled and there even older parents sometimes feeling as though the children will never grow up. Research shows that parents and grown children alike reported awkwardness, viewing intense parental support in adulthood as a sign of harmful over-involvement. Parents reported less gratification about their own lives if they believed their children were too dependent (Fingerman & Furstenburg , 2012). So although help is great, it is the idea that this help can in turn cause more good than harm that is the issue. With the economy not yet having fully come back full swing and an ever changing definition of marriage coupled with
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