Failures Of The World Is Not An Easy Place

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The world is not an easy place to get by in. Whether it’s the physicality of the world itself or the forces of nature, there is so much variation in the breadths of danger present that survival is difficult if not impossible without the ability to dynamically respond to these challenges. Simplicity, though robust in its nature, could not possibly thrive in a world like ours. Life, it seems, is up to the challenge though, and the response is more than just a single answer. Rather, the life found on earth is so diverse, so different from one another; it would fly in the face of the challenge presented. That said, none of the forms of life could be complex enough to avoid mistakes. Missteps that lead to damage and damage to failed survival. What is seen from those mistakes is not an acceptance of failure and an inability to go on, but rather a dogged determination to recover from and overcome. The complexity needed to survive poses a problem as the process to recover becomes just as intricate. So intricate that it could not possibly be fully covered in all its depths with just a handful of pages. However, this paper will attempt to cover in a more general manner what occurs and point out some details of the more complex processes occurring. The goal of this paper is to explore the method by which a cutaneous wound is healed for humans and the three involved processes of inflammation, tissue formation, and tissue remodeling. Cutaneous wound healing, or the process of
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