Failures of Internet Censorship Essay

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Internet censorship is the use of filters or ‘blocks’ to control what is published, access and viewed across the internet. It is used by parents, organisations such as schools and corporations and governments to restrict what their citizen’s access and post online. Internet censorship has occurred since the early days of the public internet, where governments around the world have attempted to address the issue of illegal material, political propaganda, harmful material or content deemed unsuitable for children. This essay will discuss the instances of internet censorship failing to work, including when governments have attempted to introduce legislation to restrict access to the internet, and the reasons for the failure. Censorship across…show more content…
In this particular instance, internet censorship failed to work to some extent due to the cooperation of combined companies and government. However, other techniques are used in order to restrict search engine results. Governments use different techniques to censor and restrict the internet. As stated previously the Great Firewall of China, also known as the Golden Shield Project is considered the advanced Internet censorship regime in the world and the largest in the world. The Chinese Government utilises many techniques in the filtering and restriction of content. The most common techniques are IP Blocking, DNS filtering and redirection, URL filtering, Packet filtering and Connection reset . In light of these filtering and censorship methods, citizens of china have managed to circumvent their government’s censorship by accessing the internet through proxies and VPN’s. A proxy re-routs a users’ request via another server, so that it appears that the request is coming from that server. The website being access sends the data back to the proxy and the proxy forwards it to the user. The proxy will only secure traffic via the internet browser. Unlike a Proxy, a VPN encrypts all traffic, not just the web browser. Programs like TOR (The Onion Router) are designed to allow users to navigate around the firewall and encrypt their traffic. With programs such as TOR, Ultrasurf and Freegate (just to name a few) residents in China have been
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