Fair Time Is A Great Time For The City

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Fair Time
The Alabama National Fair in Montgomery, Alabama is a great time for the city. It provides us residents with a good time that we don’t reallt get to experience on the regular. Even though the rides are broke down, and most of the time not even safe at all. It still can put a smile on someones face to know that fair will be in town soon. Something that the fair can offer that’s actually something people run to the gates for is the wonderful greasy food. I have searched high and low, and the only place that I can find a good foot long corndog is at the fair. The fair will always be one of the best times in Montgomery.
I have been going to fair for as long as I can remember. I still get somewhat excited to here that the fair is in town. The best experice of the fair has to be the great food, rigged games, and broke down amusement rides. The rides may not sound to intriguing, but they are actually really fun. The fair is held in the parking lot of the Garret Collisium. It covers the whole entire lot, and the lot is pretty massive. So you can only imagine all the festivies going on at the fair. In addition to the fair, there are concerts held at night in the Garret Colisium. And it’s not just no name song artists. It’s big names like Maxwell and Anthony Hamilton. By getting big names like this, it draws the attention of even more people.
Finally reacing the gates to enter the fair is an exhilarating feeling. I can smell the fried

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