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Introduction What is fair? Is fair assuring everything is equal and evenhanded? Is fair avoiding cheating and fraud? Or, is fair simply an event filled with bright lights, colors, and candy that many of us go to as children. In the business and trade world, fair is defined as assuring equitable treatment and opportunities to all consumers and producers. The business world revolves around products (50). Virtually every person in the entire world is either a coffee drinker or is acquainted with one. One may think, “Coffee? Why? I mean, its just coffee...” The fact of the matter is that it is not “just coffee.” Coffee is a beverage that is a societal accepted addiction: people of all ages, teenagers, adults, and the elderly, thrive off of…show more content…
Companies prey on these farmers’s desperation. Without options, these farmers are forced into inequitable pay and treatment. For fear of losing their market, farmers settle for less. Because of this desperation, farmer’s lives are considered near worthless to ruthless monopolizing companies. These companies create a pressure to sell creating the possibility for farmers to maintain a negative income. A negative income is enveloping these people. Eventually, all savings are used up and the farmers and their families are left with no options. Their fields need to be sold; this means they literally have no potential income. With no potential income or skills, they will be forced to leave their homes. Also, food becomes an issue, and in these sorts of countries and living environments, there is virtually no government assistance. With no homes or food, it is basically impossible for the parents to find new jobs, or the kids to go to school (Jaffee). With the kids being deprived of an education, futures look grim, and the consequences are numerous. Trade has morphed into a spiraling black hole for these farmers. Eventually, there will be no more independent farmers left to manage and work in the fields. As farmers continue to lose their jobs they will seek new opportunities. Usually this involves the farmers and their entire families migrating to a city. This is called Urban Pull. Urban pull not only continues to populate and

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